Booklist Review for The Witch Hunter!

Happy to share this fantastic review from Booklist for The Witch Hunter:

The Witch Hunter
By Virginia Boecker
June 2015/ Ages 15 & Up/ $18
ISBN 978-0-316-32700-8
Ebook ISBN 978-0-316-32718-3

Can it get any worse? Witch-hunter Elizabeth Grey is imprisoned as a witch, dying of jail fever while awaiting the pyre, only to be rescued by Nicholas Perevil, Inquisitor Blackwell’s most wanted wizard. With a royal bounty for her capture, Elizabeth has no choice but to do Nicholas’ bidding: find the Thirteenth Tablet, whose curse is slowly killing him, and destroy it in exchange for her safe passage out of Anglia. How can she possibly choose between the magic that has saved her life and the laws against magic she has so willingly enforced? Which are right? Which are wrong? In her debut novel (a sequel is planned), Boecker has created an alternate sixteenth-century world whose characters are as intriguing as the magical world they inhabit, and the violence as bloody and pain-filled as it is prevalent.

Woven within the complex fantasy is a new understanding of friendship and a tenuous but sweet Romeo and Juliet–like love story that promises to blossom, along with the witchcraft, mystery, and bloodletting.

Thank you, Booklist!

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