So, I’ve been sitting on this news for a while now, but today I was finally given the okay to share these wonderful blurbs from these wonderful authors for The Witch Hunter. It’s truly humbling to have authors — whose work you love and admire and covet and squeal over — say something kind about your own work. It’s actually enough to blow your mind (which mine currently is, all over my keyboard. Gross).

Thank you so, so much to April Tucholke, Kate Elliott, Emily Lloyd-Jones, and Beth Revis. You made this debut author’s heart very happy, and I am forever grateful.


“Boecker’s rich, witch-hunting, witch-burning world is filled with everything a good fantasy book needs: swords, poison, black magic, and betrayal. Elizabeth Grey is a tough, feisty protagonist whose fearless heart takes more twists and turns than the narrow city alleys in which the story opens. A fun, corpse-ridden, blood-drenched debut.”

—April Tucholke, author of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and Between the Spark and the Burn


“Crisp writing, a fast pace with bloody action, and the all-important monster rats make this story of a bold but more-vulnerable-than-she-realizes witch hunter a strong fantasy debut.”

—Kate Elliott, author of Cold Magic and Court of Fives


“Elizabeth is an endearingly flawed heroine, and the other characters are just as nuanced and delightful. With an immersive world and fast-paced, addictive plot, The Witch Hunter is perfect for those looking for their next fantastical adventure.”

—Emily Lloyd-Jones, author of Illusive


“Sassy and smart, this page-turning fantasy is full of action, wit, and magic. I ate it up in one sitting and demand more…now!

—Beth Revis, New York Times bestselling author of the Across the Universe and The Body Electric.

The Witch Hunter


Happy to announce that The Witch Hunter is going to be published in Turkey! Many thanks again to my fantastic agent Kathleen Ortiz, and to New Leaf Literary!






Foreign Rights, The Witch Hunter
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Yesterday I got word that The Witch Hunter has been selected as a Junior Library Guild book for 2015. I’m so excited by this news, because not only will the JLG get The Witch Hunter into libraries (which is unbelievably thrilling), they have a track record of picking award-winning books before they hit the shelves. It’s a huge honor to be included in this company, and I couldn’t be happier.




The Witch Hunter

I’m so happy to announce that The Witch Hunter is going to be published in Spanish!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 7.10.18 AM

As always, many thanks to my fantastic agent Kathleen Ortiz, and to New Leaf Literary & Media!

Foreign Rights, The Witch Hunter

Last week I received a box of The Witch Hunter ARCs from my publisher. ARCs (or Advance Reader Copies) are early, uncorrected proofs of the book that are sent out to booksellers, librarians, and reviewers in order to begin building buzz prior to publication.

It’s also the first time you see your book in, well, book form. With a cover, with your name on that cover, with your publisher’s name on the spine. It’s actually the first real proof you have that you’re going to be published (assuming, like I did, that everything that happened before was simply a mirage).

It’s a pretty big milestone in the publishing process, and particularly thrilling for a newbie like myself. So, for sake of posterity, here’s a step-by-step pictorial of what it was like to receive those ARCs.

Ooh. THE BOXES ARRIVE. I already knew they were coming, as my lovely editor sent me the UPS tracking number (I said it before: She gets me.)










Ah, a note! And a ribbon. It’s the little things. As you can see, my puppy George also likes the little things, and tried to eat them.

photo 5-3







photo 3-2

photo 2

photo 4























On to the next box: THE BIG ONE. Look at all these ARCs! Holy moly. They’re gorgeous. I especially love the spines all stacked together. Again, it’s the little things.


photo 1

photo 3-2 copy











My hilarious friend Renee Ahdieh suggested I do a Indecent Proposal-style photo shoot with the books: Lay them all out, lie down on them, (negligee optional), and fire away. It…didn’t look good (though maybe a negligee would have helped? I was wearing running clothes) so my nine-year-old daughter stepped in. She’s way cuter than me anyway.

photo 2 copy











As for me? Well, I’m not a crier so that didn’t happen, but I was grinning ear to ear. Hey! I still am. See?

photo 1 copy












One last bonus picture: The chapter headings. That snake. It’s my favorite.

photo 1 copy 2









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